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Fabrication Workshop & Werehouse
Our fabrication and installation services, at our 6,000 Sq.ft. Facility in Hyderabad, 8,000 Sq.ft Facility at Nellore and 10,000 Sq.ft at Rajahmundry enable us to schedule work efficiently throughout A.P and Telangana. Whether it’s a batch quantity of hundreds or a special one-off item, the strictest quality control standards are operated throughout every stage of fabrication and installation.
Hyderabad Nellore Rajahmundry
Warehouse @ Hyderabad Integrated Facility @ Nellore Integrated Facility @ Rajahmundry
Warehouse & Inventory Control
Our Warehouses are structured to stock many containers worth of material in a systematic manner and are capable of handling growth and expansion. To receive accurate and reliable information precisely is vital to our business. Our inventory and order management system allows us to manage and track sales orders efficiently so that the customers are serviced in quick time.
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