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Pioneer in Polymer Composites Processing
Solid PVC Celuka / Solid WPC Celuka Fabrication
                                   …Cutting | Routing | Boring | Cleaning | Finishing | Painting | Polishing
The range of possibilities concerning the fabrication of solid PVC | WPC sheets is endless and fabrication to customer specification is our core competency. Our production staff and management have been trained. This means your order is produced accurately and on Time.

PVC Celuka Foam Boards: PVC Boards, extruded using the Celuka method are aesthetically more pleasing and structurally stronger, due to integral solid skin.
WPC Celuka Foam Boards (Wood Plastic Composite): It is a combination of highly refined wood fibers and virgin polymer resins (plastic) where in the wood fibers are aligned and encapsulated in plastic. The plastic surrounds and bonds to the wood fibers, making them virtually moisture proof. The wood fibers reinforce the plastic, making it stiffer and greatly increase its structural strength.
Cutting   : Cutting Solid sheets to required sizes
Maulding: Rounding of edges
Boring    : Making holes to fit hinges
Cleaning : Apply acrylic paste and sanding surface and edges
Painting  : Spray paint surface and edges with colors of choice
Polishing: Polishing surface with P U Steaner and clear top coat
Hardware: Fitting Accessories like Handles, Locks, Glass etc..
Organisational Support + Service
" Full range of Building Products/Services are being provided, guaranteed and supported by a professional organisation which is fully equipped with necessary resources, hence, relieving you from the pain of chasing the individual carpenters and technicians. Our daily supervisory visits would ensure that work shall be carried out as designed and agreed with minimum disruption treating your home with care and respect."

uPVC Profile Fabrication
                                   …Cutting | Routing | Milling | Reinforcement | Drilling | Welding | Cleaning | Glazing | Assembling
We have 4- well equipped and strategically located uPVC fabrication workshop in A.P & Telangana. These workshops facilitate us to deliver and install uPVC products at anywhere in A.P & Telangana, quickly and assure after sales support through out the product life.
uPVC Profiles: uPVC Stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It is a synthetic polymer material (or resin), formed by combining ethylene (derived from petroleum, natural gas, or coal) and chlorine. Chemical additives are mixed with the PVC to give it different characteristics such as flexibility, resilience, or fire resistance and the resulting compound is known as uPVC.
Cutting            : Profile cutting as per production sheets on 2-Head cutting machine
Routing           : Slotting Lock holes and Rain Drain slots on Routers
Milling              : Slot cutting
Reinforcement: Profile reinforcement with GI Channels
Driling              : Drilling holes for anchor Fasteners
Welding           : Corner and Sash welding on 4-Head welding machine
Cleaning          : Internal and external corner cleaning on C N C Cleaning Machine
Glazing            : Glass Fitting
Assembling     : Assembling and packing the window
uPVC Profiles Fabrication uPVC Profiles Fabrication uPVC Profiles Fabrication
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