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Key Properties
Easy to Install Easy to work... Light weight, Workability and Weldability are key advantages for use in building applications in a variety of styles.
Safe to Use Non-toxic, Odourless and No Emit no emissions...
Weather Proof Resistant to humidity, Snow, Chemical rotting, Corrosion... It is estimated that Polymer Composites will have a lifetime in excess of 40 years.
Fire Resistant Difficult to Ignite and self-extinguishing... Never helps Fire and stops burning once the source of heat is removed.
Cost-Effective Offers excellent cost - performance advantage. This value is enhanced by the properties such as; Lifespan and Low maintenance.
Good Insulator Poor Conductors of Heat and Sound... Excellent materials to use for applications that require good insulation from Heat and Sound.
Environmentally Friendly; GREEN LIFESTYLE Renewable and Sustainable. Environmental sustainability encompasses the life cycle of the products; from raw materials to manufacture, use, recycle and waste management.
Water Resilient Zero negative Affect...all other conventional building materials are prone to changes quickly when exposed to water.
Structural Stability Non-deformative & structurally stable. Do not warp, crack, split, corrode even in Tropical and salty Coastal conditions
Termite Resistant Resistant to Insect Infestation… Polymer Composites do not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance.
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