Energy Efficient System

Spatial Ceiling/Wall Panels are water proof, thermal proof and very easy to clean and maintain, which makes them ideal for air-conditioned spaces. The floor to Ceiling panels make walls & ceilings come alive in beautiful finishes in a choice of colors. With our full range of joinery such as edge trims, inner & outer bends, joints and the task of fitting is simple & seamless and hence, provides a perfect finish.

  • Residential Buildings

  • Workplaces

  • Operation Theatres

  • Cold Storages

  • Conference Halls

  • Function Halls

  • Laboratories

  • Testing Rooms

  • Pre-Fab Structures

Colors & Textures


  • Maintenance Free: uPVC ceilings offer a smooth, modern, water-repellent surface; which cleans easily with a damp cloth looking new indefinitely and never splits & cracks.

  • Resistive to Weather: Because uPVC is inert to most chemical attack, it is the ceiling of choice for difficult humidity conditions and highly corrosive atmospheres.

  • Remove & Replace: Ceiling strips can be removed and replaced with little effort. Their design and construction permit complete access to above ceiling utilities.

  • Easy Installation: uPVC strips are easily handled and trimmed to size, without fear of damage. Superior working characteristics of uPVC permit rapid integration with lighting, air handling units, and other ceiling penetrations.

  • Efficient Thermal Insulation: No matter in which climate uPVC False Ceilings are installed - they contribute to a comfortable atmosphere in your building. The thermal insulating performance of the uPVC ceiling is exceptionally good, contributing to a substantial energy saving.